I feel very lucky to have met Sharon on a professional level. I have completed her 4 day one-on-one Intro to Graphic Design Course and I am thrilled to have done so. I feel my business has benefited immensely through completing this course and I am producing high quality, thought through work which has helped round off the sharp corners of my marketing efforts and I have a well thought out, consistent brand taking shape as a direct result of Sharon’s tuition. I am amazed I am producing such professional looking art work in such a short space of time from a standing start.

Sharon’s enthusiasm is infectious and her knowledge of the Adobe Creative Suite is very deep and rich, no question has gone unanswered. I feel she has listened to my needs and tailored the course accordingly running through things that are very relevant and omitting those things it was apparent I was already comfortable with, or not applicable. As a busy, time poor business owner this approach has been worth every penny.

Sharon has been a breath of fresh air that’s given me confidence to go to places with my marketing efforts I never would have had the balls to do. I feel this course has empowered me in so many ways.

I can’t recommend Sharon, and this course, highly enough.

Kellie Rose, Owner, Plush Addict