I have been working with Sharon since February 2015. She has not only completely re-branded the company, developed new communication platforms but also devised and implemented new business strategies, which has enabled us to compete more effectively in our market place and keep our finger on the pulse with continual new business opportunities.

She has vast amount of experience and knowledge about design and marketing which has already had an effect on the company with new customers coming on board, from our business to business and business to consumers markets. Her design work and collaborative attitude is exemplary. I have received numerous compliments from clients about the sharp new look Sharon has bestowed on the company and also the efficacy implemented in our internal management systems she developed with ourselves. She is incredibly thorough and leaves no stone unturned in her search for the right answer to every problem which arises.

Paul Saiya, Director

I recently commissioned Sharon for a rebranding project. Her approach to working is about being in complete unison with the client, from brief, to concept stages, to final delivery. Everything she does is with ‘collaboration’ in mind and as the client I felt 100% a part of her design process and what was being produced. As a result our flagship service has a strong, statement making, versatile identity for today’s market which has been brilliantly received by our board, staff and clientele.

Sharon has a knack for really getting under the skin of the brief. Her sharp, objective instinct identified requirements I hadn’t even thought of. Put this with her design expertise and passion for aesthetics, Sharon is a design project’s dream. Absolutely recommended.

Tracy Kneale, Design Manager

I first worked with Sharon in 2003, when as the managing director of a graphic design consultancy, I employed her on a freelance basis, to assist in the branding of a new business formed by a client of ours. Sharon’s experience and professionalism was evident from the outset and having determined what was required, she went about her task with complete focus and without fuss.

Whilst Sharon’s creative ability is second to none, I’m just as impressed by her strategic thinking and no-nonsense approach. Not afraid to challenge a brief, or voice her thoughts on a project, Sharon only ever has her clients’ best interests at heart (and their clients’ interests in turn). I find her honesty, integrity and passion for design immensely refreshing and always enjoy working with someone who shares the same high standards and work ethic as me. Sharon’s wealth of talent and knowledge adds an extra dimension to any creative project and her effervescent personality makes the whole process that much more enjoyable.

Anthony Anderton, Managing Partner, BeSplendiD Ltd

I feel blessed to have met Sharon, her knowledge, patience and energy was infectious and she made sure I was confident to take the journey in branding, not only that, she taught me how to face up my inner challenges. Her approach to working is complete unison with the client, from research, to concept stages, to final delivery with total integration. Her designs and expertise; full of enthusiasm, creative envelope refreshing, inspiring and infectious. She is an asset in all ways...Great friend impossible not to Love Her. Thank you very much!

Candida Surgy, Managing Partner, Grace Properties Ltd

As a London-based designer, I have collaborated with Sharon over many years in various capacities. I find her design expertise combined with her relentless enthusiasm for pushing the creative envelope refreshing, inspiring and infectious. Not only did she extend my skills as a young fledgeling designer, but also helped me grow creatively and trust my instincts. Something for which I will always be indebted. Thank you Sharon x

Grant Munro, Transformation Director, Digital Health Advisory Board

I feel very lucky to have met Sharon on a professional level. I have completed her 4 day one-on-one Intro to Graphic Design Course and I am thrilled to have done so. I feel my business has benefited immensely through completing this course and I am producing high quality, thought through work which has helped round off the sharp corners of my marketing efforts and I have a well thought out, consistent brand taking shape as a direct result of Sharon’s tuition. I am amazed I am producing such professional looking art work in such a short space of time from a standing start.

Sharon’s enthusiasm is infectious and her knowledge of the Adobe Creative Suite is very deep and rich, no question has gone unanswered. I feel she has listened to my needs and tailored the course accordingly running through things that are very relevant and omitting those things it was apparent I was already comfortable with, or not applicable. As a busy, time poor business owner this approach has been worth every penny.

Sharon has been a breath of fresh air that’s given me confidence to go to places with my marketing efforts I never would have had the balls to do. I feel this course has empowered me in so many ways.

I can’t recommend Sharon, and this course, highly enough.

Kellie Rose, Owner, Plush Addict

I was lucky enough to attend one of Sharon’s Advanced Photoshop sessions. As a trainer myself, I was blown away by her skill and passion. We never once felt as if we were stuck in a small windowless room for two days. Her knowledge and energy was infectious and she made sure that we were all active participants as opposed to passive vessels. I would actively seek out other sessions ran by her.

Matthew Roz Hall, Learning Technologies & Skills Development Manager, University of Chichester

We brought Sharon in to work with us on the branding for the Welsh Coast Path. I had some basic ideas but Sharon was able to add her magic to create an iconic logo and integrated identity that will stand the test of time.

Ant Phillips, Creative Strategist, Kerbang Brand Storytellers

I have been lucky enough to train with Sharon on various occasions and have sent my staff to train directly with her also. Sharon is amazing at what she does. What this lady doesn’t know about Adobe Creative Suite, frankly isn’t even worth knowing (and she probably knows everything anyway)!! The courses are energetic, yet well paced. Sharon is lively but leaves nothing out and is happy to answer questions as you go along and teach you what you need to immediately begin work on your own projects.

This is not a dull 101 tour of the software! The advice is practical and is based on years of professional experience in the creative field. You’ll leave having been entertained and enthused and with boundless confidence. Sharon’s passion means she very often goes well beyond the minimum requirements; such is her love of her craft. She has been happy to support me and answer my questions even after I have finished her course(s). This is real dedication!

I’ve left Sharon’s courses with a wealth of knowledge that took me to the next level within my professional requirements but also the encouragement to begin my own personal projects. I also left her courses with a friend! I’d recommend Sharon as one of the best trainers I have ever come across and consider myself very lucky to have had the opportunity to learn with her.

Carla Nadin, Marketing Manager, Action Sealtite

Sharon is a great thinker. She grasps ideas from left field and makes them work. She has a fine sense of design and presents herself clearly and well. This is one bright girl and I recommend her highly.

Tony Cook, Owner, Burgeon Creative Ideas Ltd

I participated in three of Sharon’s courses - Beginner Photoshop, InDesign and Illustrator - and I still remember them very positively. Sharon is very knowledgeable and also keeps up-to-date with latest trends and technologies. She has the ability to maintain a great balance between teaching a large group of people effectively and taking enough time to focus on individuals and answer everyone’s questions. As an industry professional, she knows about the software problems participants experience in their everyday life’s and provides plenty of useful tips and short cuts to help eliminating these.

I had booked all three courses in a row, which meant that I had to digest a huge amount of knowledge in a short period of time. However, Sharon’s engaging, dynamic and humorous personality made it easy to listen and concentrate on the course at all times. I finished my ‘course marathon’ feeling empowered to create flyers, amend pictures, etc. without any further help from my colleagues. Great new skills for my current role and my professional future!

Rebecca Koch, International Marketing Manager, Camlock Systems

I had the pleasure of meeting Sharon when I attended her one-to- one graphic design course which she tailored specifically to meet my needs. She is passionate about her craft as well as instilling that same passion in others. Her enthusiasm is infectious and naturally brings out the best in her students. I loved how she worked with me rather than talk at me.

The one-to-one coaching meant we could fill in the gaps in my knowledge and help develop my skills further where I needed them. Having already a natural eye for design, Sharon encouraged and inspired a greater passion while at the same time providing focus and guidance. The quality of the support material was excellent and Sha- ron clearly practices what she preaches. It is a delight to continue to refer to these reference materials which also help to guide my future designs.

Sharon, is inspirational.

Laura Layton-James, Digital Learning Consultant, The Training Foundation

Sharon used to work with me at a successful training company and I couldn’t recommend her enough as a trainer!!!!! She has great passion and enthusiasm for design and using the Adobe package and was an absolute pleasure to work with. Anyone that attended one of Sharon’s courses would always give amazing feedback and more often than not train again on a different subject Sharon taught or recommend their colleagues/company.

Sharon is a breath of fresh air to the training industry!!!!

Faye Binfield, Senior Sales Account Manager, Gorilla Tree

I feel lucky to have met Sharon, she is an talented experienced designer and tutor as well as a fun person to be around! I attended her Adobe InDesign course recently.

Her style of training is high energy, attentive and her passion for design infectious! She exudes expertise, enthusiasm and showed great levels of patience. I came away with a complete understanding of the software and inspiration to create new designs. It’s was one of the best presented and most well organised training course I’ve been on. Nothing is too much trouble for Sharon who goes beyond the call of duty to help. I’ve since called on her for client work. I would highly recommend her services. She is a great all round designer!

Yvette Bordley, Digital Marketing Consultant, Webyogi Digital Marketing

Sharon has trained me both on Adobe Illustrator and Photoshop on courses that have been written and conducted by her personally. Sharon’s ability to make one feel comfortable using a software program that is as complex and Adobe’s Creative Suite is a testimony alone to her incredible abilities as both a trainer and designer.

New to graphic design, I was made to feel relaxed and open to ask as many questions as I could to which I received relevant and supportive answers to. Sharon is energetic, motivated, extremely proficient as a trainer and an expert designer who I hope to work more with in the future on projects. I have already signed up for her InDesign course next month and have a new found confidence using the Suite all thanks to Sharon.

Veronica Malley, Marketing Manager, Money20/20 Europe